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Adjusting my gamedev activity

A quick note for this month, July 2023. I started my new job and I'm adjusting my gamedev activity a bit.

July 20, 2023

Hey indie fellows how are you? Time flies and I don't want to be inactive for too long. You deserve news so here's a quick note for July 2023.

Starting a new job

If you recall in my post, Agenda 2023: What's next for Indiedevcasts, I was talking about new things in my life, including a new SDET job. So it's official, I started and it took me some time to finish some of my projects, adapt to my new job and close my business as a freelancer. In the meantime, I decided to open source everything from Owl Duty as I didn't get the expected results. But it's ok, I learned a lot on the development side and met incredible people 🤩.

I will continue open source development for Owl Duty but at a very different pace. I will now balance my time between writing, game development, voxel art, YouTube videos, family, home enovations and my day job! Yeah, said like that it doesn't seem possible but I'm sure I will find a way. I need to be really organized.

My next goals

  • Publish more blog posts, not only technical articles but also personal notes and devlogs
  • Develop the Indiedevcasts community
  • Learn enough about shaders to create biomes in my game: water, ground, fog, ...
  • Improve the website: navigation, sections, ...
  • Develop the YouTube channel

The last point is difficult to be honest. Recording and editing videos takes so much time. It will be easier once I have something visual to show with Pirate Annihilation.

Let's connect?

I only invest time on YouTube and Twitter. So if you have the blue bird app, you can follow me. I will be happy to talk about gamedev or random stuff!