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5 game concepts for you

I have so many video game ideas but so little time that I would be happy if any of these 5 game concepts inspired you. If so, please let me know!

May 17, 2023


A procedurally generated sea world, à la Astroneer, where you can create your colony, farm, develop scientific explorations and build underwater cities. Manage a fish, sea cow or jellyfish farm and grow algae to ensure your future. Automate your production, connect your seaties and expand your colony. Are you an explorer? Recharge your submarine with electric eels and explore new places, dig, find new materials and upgrade your equipment and crew!

submarine sim game concept
  • Voxel art
  • Marching cubes
  • Boids algorithm
  • Seaty-builder (sorry for the pun)
  • Automation mechanics

This is a game I would love to make but it's definitely a big piece of work!

Tamagochi-like toy

Why not make a toy instead of a game? A tamagochi-like toy would be the perfect solution for creating simple 3D or 2D models with a minimalist UI. Feed your creature, choose clothes and take care of it. A good challenge would be to port this game to many platforms since it's quite small and not very resource intensive: web, mobile, desktop, switch, steam deck, ...

Tamagochi-like toy concept

It's also the perfect scope for a gamejam! If you have time, you can even implement specific features to turn the toy into a game: add XP, cooking features, socialization between creatures, mini-games, ... That's the great thing about a toy, you can easily iterate and expand functionality.

A room please

Have you read Altered Carbon? Or watched the series?

In this game you play as an A.I, Poe, managing a hotel. You are at the counter and welcome customers. In A room please, your goal is to provide the perfect room for people. Select the layout, drag and drop all the necessary furniture, choose the paint and the mood for the perfect match and give the keys to your client. Do they like it? Hate it? The client is king! The better the room matches the customer's needs and style, the better your reputation will be.

A room please game concept

As an A.I, you can visit the rooms and interact with your customers, turn the lights on or off, play music, bring the dishes they like or just watch them go about their life. Delight your customers to earn extra points and unlock new furniture and layouts. Pay attention to your reputation, if your hotel is unpopular you will lose money and it will wither away.

  • The perfect game for 3D/voxel artists
  • Small management game
  • Room decoration
  • Relaxing game


Help Wave save Waterfall Mountain from Flow Corp, a company that overuses its water resources. As you progress through the levels you will discover how you can use your umbrella to move around using the air and water flows to your advantage. This will not only help you progress but also help you avoid traps set by Flow Corp and restore the mountain.

Ubrella game concept
  • Platformer
  • Single player, narrative-driven game
  • 2.5D or pixel art would be a good fit
  • Multiple levels with progressive challenges
  • An umbrella as the main feature to move around and avoid traps
  • Each level is finished by closing a water pipe (all platformers must have pipes)

Ghost memories

Mike spends his summer vacation at the Benton family mansion with his parents and sister. He likes this Victorian-style place, on the edge of the forest, far from the noise of the city where he lives. But this year will mark a turning point in his life. While he visits his grandfather's grave, he can hear a slightly distant, distorted voice behind him.

By Benton's beard, where did my socks go! Or is it my legs that are missing?

Ghost memories game concept
Image by Ján Jakub Naništa

As you meet your grandfather's ghost, a great adventure begins with this colorful character. How ironic for a ghost! Help your grandfather recover his memories by exploring the mansion and its surroundings. You will discover the history of the Benton family with all its secrets through cassette tapes, diaries, books, notes, albums and more.

  • Narrative game with the ghost of a colorful grandfather
  • Point and click in a 3D environment
  • Use your flashlight to discover hidden clues
  • Dark story
  • Find all the tapes as a special bonus

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